Lurking Mar

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About My GTA V Characters 

Maria was excited to move to Los Santos hoping that she and Kirstyn could finally get ahead. She told herself they'd do it by any means... but she didn't realize just what that meant at the time. Tired of the daily struggle getting her nowhere, she was willing to do what it took up to a point... However, Kirstyn's "connections" in the seedy underbelly of Los Santos pushed them both further than she'd ever intended to go, and kept pushing. Now, the life they must lead just to survive, puts all her intentions to shame. Every day she struggles with a desperate fear that some night Kirstyn might not come home... and she would never know what happened to him. But Knowing you did not make the right decision, and doing something about it... well, that's two different things. It's a slippery slope down the rabbit hole of corruption and crime, and Maria has a feeling neither of them is getting out alive.

When Kirstyn first received a call from an old friend asking for his help, he thought he had found the break he and Maria had been looking for. He felt elated that boosting car stereos and small time scams were soon to be a thing of the past. They were moving on up to grand theft auto... chop shop city. At first, the money was good, really good. But then, he felt pressured into doing some jobs he felt out of his depth on. Now the city has it's hooks into him and he can't get away. He's seen things he shouldn't have, and done things he never intended... just to stay alive. Now there is no walking away, he's fallen too far, and taken Maria with him. You always hear people say; "when things seem too good to be true, they probably are." In this case they're definitely right.

Kirstyn & Maria's Crew And Friends

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